The Deponti glass sliding doors offers protection against all weather conditions without making compromises in terms of light or view. This means that you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest during all seasons.

With the Deponti Fiano you can turn your veranda easily into a luxury garden room allowing you to enjoy your garden and terrace all year long. It allows you to create a new place in your home where the indoor and outdoors are merged. The glass panels are available in various height- and width dimensions, can run in three to six rail tracks and have no side frames. Due to this, they offer an free view of your backyard. In addition, a Fiano glass sliding door system also protects against rain and cold. This allows you to enjoy the ultimate outdoor feeling, even in bad weather. On top of this they also offer some sound reduction.

Our glass sliding doors are also perfect for balcony glazing. A glass sliding door on your balcony allows you to enjoy your outdoor area longer, while still being free to decide whether you leave the doors open or closed.

In addition to standard glass panels, we also have glass panel with a polished 50mm handle-hole in our product range. It comes with a matching double sided screw-in handle. This results in a glass door with a perfectly finished and luxury handle. The glass sliding doors can be fitted with additional accessories, such as adhesive handles, weather brushes and more.



For added security and peace of mind, we also offer a certified Insurance Backed Guarantee with your deposit and are Certass registered.

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