Timber doors are manufactured from high quality wood and are available in both modern and traditional styles. Often made to order they can be manufactured in unlimited sizes and styles. They form the high quality end of the market and are renowned for their long service life. One only needs to look at the many original wood doors sill in operation and functioning perfectly after many decades. Some doors still in use today are over 100 years old.

Like any natural material it may need maintenance but do not be fooled by marketing tactics stating that wood doors are a high maintenance product. Today’s modern manufacturing and coatings available mean that timber doors are available with long guarantees on performance and their finish.

Timber doors will be at the premium end of the market but they remain a natural and hard wearing product that will look good and perform for many years to come.


Our wooden bi-fold doors are manufactured from engineered hardwoods including Sapele, Idigbo or Oak. We provide them in sizes up to 3 metres high and 15 metres wide, and they come complete with 28mm glazing as standard.

All our sliding bi-fold doors have a top rolling system for smooth opening and magnetic retaining catches for compact stacking giving complete opening of the aperture. They also incorporate advanced technical features including multipoint deadbolt and hook locking to master doors.


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For added security and peace of mind, we also offer a certified Insurance Backed Guarantee with your deposit and are Certass registered.

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