Looking for a new strong & secure composite stable door?
Rockdoor composite stable doors, sometimes known as half and half doors, combine the award-winning security that Rockdoor composite doors are so well known for, with the convenience and style that you desire for your home.

One of the main reasons homeowners like to choose a Rockdoor stable door is because it allows you to open the top part of the door for ventilation, whilst keeping your children and pets safe and secure inside. When you need the benefits of a window and the security of a composite door – you need a Rockdoor stable door. Built to the same high-performance specifications as their range of Rockdoor composite doors. You’ll benefit from the same security, durability and low upkeep when you choose a Rockdoor stable door. By combining the functionality of a traditional stable door with the advanced technology of modern uPVC, a Rockdoor stable door is perfect for your home. Whether you live in a traditional country cottage or a modern townhouse, convenience and security is key.

Design your dream door with the Rockdoor door designer… 


Stable doors work well with barn conversions, new builds or any house which has historic features, particularly in a rural setting, where we are in the South West. Village Conservatories stable doors are manufactured as 2 separate halves and are rebated along the two meeting edges, creating an open inwards facility in keeping with traditional stable doors in rustic, cottage style.

A most useful feature of course, is that the top half can be opened to allow for ventilation, whilst keeping the bottom half locked, a handy feature if you have small children or pets that you wish to keep secure.

Thermo Techonology
The winning combination of materials in each our composite door protects your home from thermal changes. It means your house will stay warm all winter long, saving you money on your energy bills.

Easy Maintenance
Made of the most robust GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin, our composite doors offer an extended life span. With very little up-keep, they look just as good as the day they were installed after years of use.

Realistic Texture
Our composite doors are uniquely designed to look as close to the raw material as possible, whether that be a premium woodgrain effect or powder coated aluminium.

Personalise your door
Our state-of-the-art paint booth means your door can be the colour you want. Just let us know the RAL colour you need and we’ll match it.

Glass collection
Our range of double or triple glazed glass options are hand-assembled in our workshop.
The team of master craftsmen work with minimalist designs, right through to the most delicate and complex designs with outstanding results.

Add the finishing touches to your door with quality hardware. Our range of superior hardware spans the traditional antique black finish right through to the ultra-modern stainless steel look so you’re sure to get the look you’re after

Visit our show site in Swan Yard, Sherborne to find out more or call Village Conservatories to 01935 471111 today and book a FREE, no obligation design consultation. We guarantee an outstanding level of workmanship and very competitive prices.



For added security and peace of mind, we also offer a certified Insurance Backed Guarantee with your deposit and are Certass registered.

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