Looking for a new strong and secure composite back door?
Homeowners often see back doors as less significant than their front doors, since they less visible to visitors than the doors on the front of their homes. Especially since the back door in many homes is only ever used to access the garden from the kitchen.

As so, to many people they do not consider the installation of a composite door in their kitchen as important as the front of their homes, since visitors to their homes will be less likely to enter through an external kitchen door.

However, with thieves preferring the seclusion of dimly lit gardens to the often brightly lit street fronts to try and enter homes. Having a secure composite back door installed in your kitchen or other areas of your home is just as important as the front of your home.

In fact, research has shown that the rear of your home is 70% more likely to be targeted by a burglar as they are generally out of sight, with homeowners generally more likely to install a much more inferior back door.

With the frightening news that police may no longer attend burglaries hitting the headlines in summer 2015, this means choosing a Rockdoor for your back doors seems like the only choice to keep you, your family and your possessions safe.

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For added security and peace of mind, we also offer a certified Insurance Backed Guarantee with your deposit and are Certass registered.

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